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Painful penetration


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Hey guys, I lost my virginity to my boyfriend a couple months ago. It was quite painful and my hymen slowly tore, with each attempt. It was always pretty painful when he was entering me but got better once he started moving and then I felt no pain. Even at one point before I completely tore the hymen, I was having no pain and I thought my problems were over.


But then the time after that that we had intercourse, we tore the rest of the hymen all the way down to the base and it bled like crazy, unlike before. We gave myself time to heal and I thought it would be fine but I'm still experiencing this horribly stinging sensation right at the end of the tear, it hurts like hell! It doesn't matter how aroused I am, if I put my finger and press down on that section it burns like crazy. I've also noticed that it's tore on an angle, so I'm not sure if that's where the pain is coming from?


We've allowed lots of time for healing so I don't feel that that should be a problem. I'm just so tried of sex being painful.


Has anyone experienced this before?\


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Reminds me of the T-shirt that says. "I am not a gynocologist but I'll take a look". JK


Yeah I agree that you probably have an infection. Internal injuries do take a long time to heal but if you have given it at least a weeks time, it should have healed by now. It is most likely not pain just from a tear. Most likely an infection. Please do yourself a favor and go see a doctor. You will be in a lot more pain if the probable infection worsens.


Hope you feel better soon!

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When I had sex for the first time, it hurt somewhat for about two or three months and bled once in awhile. I am really small "down there" and even after having a child and over thirty years of having sex, I still need a guy to be careful and use lube, or it hurts a bit. No more bleeding, though. Haven't done that in a long time.

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