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Having a really bad day how do I get out of it


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ok basically short version,


I split up with GF 6 weeks ago. Im fine with it right choice for me, she was bad for me.


Then meet girl last saturday really fun time chatting on msn and phone. Then we where trying to meet last night at a pub, but she never showed up she had a flight today so that might be the reason. But no phonecall or text about not coming.


Then I wake up, I scratch my car pretty bad at a construction site. Im at work and cant focus. Then I decided well lets check facebook meet new people. The first girl that shows up is EX.


Ok christ Im feeling low, tired, sad, lonely, pissed off, angry and just all around down.


I shouldnt, I mean the new girl is not that bad situation, Im at a good job, school starts again soon, Im starting my second startup. Im down to 14% body fat.


I feel like Im in a quicke sand. I think also its the fact I dont want to be single. breaking up was something I had to do I couldnt go on without it destroying me in the end.


Im suppose to go to a great party tonight, with lots of friends and girls. But I dont want to go if I feel like * * * * .


I dont get why I feel so crap. how do you get over a bad day? Why do I feel so bad. Is it just somedays things are bad and getting worse.

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I mean usally when I felt this bad I would see my GF/Ex, just hold her and chill with her. But thats not an opion.


She was basically emotionaly cheating online with guys and did it again and again. I dont want her back.


I just feel alone, * * * * , crappy and weird. How and why do I feel like this?

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first off, i'm sorry that girl never showed up!! how rude! i think you should forget about her. she should have called to cancel, even if she was busy, it only takes a minute.


and sorry about your ex. you deserve better than someone who keeps emotionally cheating with other guys. blah!

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Go to the party and have a great time! Some days things just don't go right but you have to keep going. Things will get better. Don't worry too much about the girl who didn't show at the pub. I've accidentally done things like that when I'm busy.


Seriously, though, just think about having a great time with friends and meeting new people. Try to look forward to the party. Go and have fun (even if you have to force yourself).

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Hey...sorry for how your are feeling, but ONLY YOU can change it.


Instead of looking at all the BAD things in your life, start looking at the GOOD:


You have a job, place to live, enough money to support yourself. You found out your GF was cheating BEFORE you married her - you got out of a TOXIC relationship. You realized that you DESERVE better. You met a great girl and hey, so she didn't catch up with you last night because she had to catch a flight - that happens! Maybe she can't text you for a variety of reasons. Or, say she never texts you - you've got an opportunity to go to a GREAT party tonight and meet NEW people! Some people DON'T have that - they have to sit at home alone!


So turn the glass 1/2 empty into a glass 1/2 full and you'll pull outta your funk!


It's all in the way we LOOK at things!


My best to you...





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Yeah you guys are right, Im going to the gym, workout, take a hottube bath, listen to good music. Have an awesome time tonight.


the thing with the new girl is that she is the first one I hit on, got nummber called and spoke with her for 3 hours on msn. So I was disapointed she didnt show up, she had said mabey she might come, but she didnt reply to me but might have gone to sleep or been to busy. we will see. She is the first one since my breakup that I hit on. I gotta remember it will take time to meet the next GF.


I gotta remember that its fun being single, get out of this bad mood and bad day. And see that its an awesome life and I need to grab it. Still youngish 27 years old. there is plenty of time.

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I cant get a new hair cut Im have a buzz cut. so cant to much more diffrent with that hehehe, and actually Im invited to 2 partys tonight, one with old friends and lots of girls and another with my school mates, only guys but brilliant guys really funny.


Go to whichever you want.


Personally, I'd go to the old school mates party. Just focus on fun. You don't need a girl to have a riot.

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