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Meeting my brother for the first time...


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Like it says, I only met my brother once in my life. And that was at our Father's funeral 14 years ago.


My full blooded sister is getting married tomorrow, and we invited our brother to come.


Now out of my Father's kids, There are 3 girls and the brothers. The girls we have always stayed in contact. My brother is 16 years older than me. and I am scared half to death. Very nervous.


My father left him when he was less than a year old. My father stayed around until I was about 10. So I doubt my brother is going to be uneasy about that type of situation. But still just meeting my brother has me nervous.


Eitherway I meet him at the airport in a few hours.


I keep thinking, do I say "Hi how are you" Or just give him a hug?


I have no clue...


Oh and to make it worse, this is the first time anyone in my family has ever met him.


Yeah ok..time to go hit the road...

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Good luck, Love~~~ Just be yourself and do what feels right once you see him. Relax!


A friend of mine met her brother for the first time when her mom passed away. She was 15. He's always lived in another state. She now lives with him and has a great relationship with him. (She's only 17 now - He's in his 30's)

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Title of your post caught my eye.... I have a "met my brother for the first time" story too, which often makes people say "eh???" ... but that can often happen when families get split up, or when half-siblings are involved.... and it is important to remember that it isn't often is no fault of the kids, it just happens that way. And time apart.... well... it is hard, but you never know what kind of connection you will build.


My brother first came into my life on his 14th birthday when I was 7. To a 7 year old he was HUGE and actually terrified me at first.... I hid behind our dad's legs. Now.... 7 is fairly young... but for my brother, 14 is a pretty substantial age to be receiving two siblings (myself, and our younger brother). But... we warmed up to each other quickly.


He didn't live with us after that (he lived with his mother, who kept a pretty tight hold on him), but he was in and out of our lives whenever we could see him.... and finallly when he hit adulthood he did move in with us and we became closer.


He was my half brother, and we didn't grow up together or get a real childhood together, but we got some teenage time and lots of good adult bonding time together... so to me, he is just "brother" forever.... I don't love him any less.


The fact that your brother is coming to the wedding is great. Perhaps you and your siblings can start to build a stronger relationship with him now?

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Thank you guys for the support...


The first time I met my brother was at our Fathers Funeral in 1994...It was on of those bomb shells. I asked who that big guy was, and they said its your brother? I just said HUH? I was 10 years old when we met. Didnt have any contact until 2006. And Out of the blue I decided to track him down. Well 3 years later he is here.


Its like looking at my father all over again. And him and my full blooded sister look more alike that we do.


I picked him up from the airport, and I saw him and gave him a big hug. I didnt let go for a few minutes...


Anyways basically the story behind my family is. My dad was married about 11 times. He married my brothers mom, and left her by the time my brother was born. and never really had anything to do with him. My brothers step dad adopted him, so he changed his last name.


My father also had a daughter from a girlfriend, I have known about her my entire life. And met her for the first time also at our fathers funeral. And always talked to her on the phone, prior to our meeting. She lives about an hour and half away from me now.


She is actually going to be meeting him for the first time also.


Its a very strange situation.


I am very happy I made that call 3 years ago. It was actually the anniversary of my fathers death the day I call 3 years ago...


Today was great, we just hung out talked a bit. And my brother is great. May I say funny too...We have the same sense of humor...


Anyways its bed time tomorrow is the wedding...


Hope everyone has a great saturday

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