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Going out alone to a singles night?


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One of the dating sites which I'm signed up to is hosting a singles night tomorrow (Saturday) at a nightclub in my city.


I have thought long and hard about going but I am kinda nervous. Why? Well, I'm shy and well, as much as I like clubbing I will have to go alone. I am also concerned about the kinds of people that I might meet at this singles function - I imagine there to be more older folk (30+), rather than those of my age (20s).


I am sick of being alone every weekend and my colleagues at work all have great weekends planned except for myself. Heck, even my superior whom is much older than myself has a better social life.

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Just remember, all the other people there will be in the same boat, they will be there alone and probably feeling a little nervous too.


You have nothing to lose, and like hockeyboy says, if it's no good you can just leave and say 'Well, I tried but it didn't work out' instead of not going and wishing you had


Good luck!!

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What's the connection between older and a social life? Mine got better as I got older and gained confidence so I'm not sure your analysis makes sense. Anyway, I went to many singles events alone and it worked out much better than going with a group or a friend because it forced me to meet people.

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It is going to be very scarry the first time you go. Try and force yourself to talk to people. Give yourself a goal of the min amount of time you want to be there, say 2 hours, and then don't leave before that. After the first time you are out by yourself it gets easier and you will learn that you can talk to just about anyone.


Keep at it cause the easiest way to meet people is when your by yourself.

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