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I Do ONE Stupid Thing, And It Snowballs On Me...

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I'm not good at these breakup things apparently.


Long story REALLY short. She broke up with me a month ago. Afterwards, invited me to go see my favourite band in concert. I agreed without really thinking. So now we're going together (with at least one other person, who, like me, is a huge fan of the band and wouldn't miss this). I wanted her back at the time, and still do, but I've realized that things can't work between us, at least not now (she still thinks that if she changes her mind, I'll take her back right away, because thats the impression that I was giving in our last conversation. Realizations didn't hit me until after that conversation).


Anyways, I *just* found out tonight that the band booked another show for the next night. I have every intention of going to that show too (like I said, favourite band). I don't think its possible for me to go without her finding out, but I don't really want her there, since it'd involve a hotel room and spending the day together the next day. Its also very possible that she'll want me back by then (my other posts go into detail on that), which'd just make things hugely awkward, because I can't do that without her dealing with some major issues of hers.


I've got no idea how to tell her about this, and what to say to her. "Yeah, uh, theres another concert the next night, and me and Bruce are staying in the city, so we're ditching you after the show"? Without inviting her, which would be terrible for my healing, how do I tell her about this without it being taken negatively (this'll probably pass in time, but theres still a part of me that hopes she'll work on her issues and we'll be able to work things out. Its only been a month, its ok for me to still feel this way, right?)?

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let her go with you to both shows, otherwise you are being mean to her. see what happens its only a hotel room for one night. dont overthink it. worst thing that happens is you two get a chance to talk about how you feel and you can explain how you want her to improve.

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I hope everything works out for you. It seems as if you are getting over her, but it's nice to see that you aren't being rude. I think that everything will work out for you, even if you are sharing a hotel room, just don't do anything that will stop you from moving on. Good luck.

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I'm not too worried about sharing the hotel room, since there'll be a third person there with us. Thats just a lot of time to spend with someone who I probably won't be completely over, and who may try and get me to take her back. But, thats still over a month away, I'll hopefully be moved on enough by then to be able to deal with it.


And I don't think I could be rude. I've gotten sick of making enemies (not that it happens often, but its not something I want to have happen anymore), and have actually been forgiving the ones I have lately (not that they actually know it. I haven't told them about it). Plus, I don't think I'm ready to burn that bridge yet.

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