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Turning visual man on


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I have been seeing a guy for about three months.

He is clearly attracted to me.

He is very visual and I get great reactions when I wear something sexy.

At the same time he checks out other girls if they are attractive and show their body.

I don’t mind this – sometimes we even talk about how hot some girl looks.


His reaction to sexy women turns me on and I am thinking of turning up the heat.

I dress sexy but my outfits would be still considered normal.


A few weeks ago we saw a girl that had her blouse unbuttoned to her belly and showed her breast whenever she moved, a couple of times her shirt came off completely for few seconds. He was clearly captivated and aroused - I was turned on too.


I was thinking of giving him a similar tease next time we go out –

any thoughts / ideas?

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Why don't you try attracting him differently other then always trying to dress sexy. You might get attention from him for a little while, but it seems that he isn't really attracted to you just your body, sometimes, when your showing skin. Does it matter if he is attracted to you seeing how he seems to be attracted to everyone?


And where was this girl who was practically naked? Where do you live? That's really strange.

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The best tip I can give you is flaunt what you've got not show what you've got.


Go to a club wearing something simple, like a very tight white vest top and a short black skirt, high heels and your hair UP.


Dance dirty with him till he is all wound up, then go to the bathroom, pull your hair down so it is wild and sexy, play with your boobs a bit so that your nipples are hard and you can see them through your top, and hit the dancefloor again.


This works a treat! NEVER fails!

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Sara has asked a question - please answer it and don't derail the thread by questioning the maturity of her boyfriend because she doesn't have a problem with what he is doing and by questioning his maturity you are questioning hers.


Please keep on topic.

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