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Need to put on some weight.. Getting skinnier..

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Ok I'm having an issue, my mom noticed that lately I have been getting skinnier and it's concerning her.The thing is though I've noticed that I haven't been having much of an appetite so that maybe the case. However I just can't force myself to eat a lot or make myself sick. Plus my folks would be complaining that I am eating too much. Exercise should help I guess but wouldn't that make me even more skinnier? I have a weight bench with a barbell and I have 15 lb to 25 lb dumbbells that I rarely use. What type are exercises are crucial for building muscle and putting on weight? I'm very tired of be a scrawny, skinny type person.

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Calories in > calories out. That's the only way to gain weight and get bigger. Try to very gradually increase how much your consuming until you're comfortable eating slightly larger portions and more frequent meals (try aiming for at least 5-6 a day).

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Working out is very helpful in gaining weight however you must intake protein to help your muscles grow. Protein is the essential key for muscle growth so if you are working out and not eating, that can really hurt you.


I would suggest that you eat high calorie/high protein snacks throughout the day. You can eat a few tablespoons of peanut butter to get your "good" fats and a little bit of protein and if you can stomach a couple 7oz pieces of chicken breast a day then that would be awesome! They hold an amazing 40 grams of protein per 7oz. piece.


Make sure you eat some veggies as well or some sweet granola bars for the iron.


You do not have to eat a whole lot to get protein and the protein will most definitely help you gain muscle. You have to work out though lol.


Good luck!

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2008 this thread is pretty old but i feel compelled to answer and give an honest account of what to do coming from an ectomorph hard gainer like myself. I was and always was the skinniest dude in my highschool/university. Althought now I'm not much different but I look a lot thicker and more fit with the same weight and no longer have that "inverted elbow syndrome" where the thickest part of your upper arm is your elbow, lol. so what i have to say is probably most likely the real deal since i got the experience and the * * * * body type to back up what i have to say.. i'm borderline endo/ecto now but i've been told i look good now after 9 months of hard work..


Here goes. We will start with diet. As far as diet is concerned you need to make sure you are eating the right foods. Don't worry too much about the quantity of food you eat it has to be quality.. it doesn't require a drastic change just stop the mdconalds/kfc/burgerking/taco bell as those are heavy saturated processed carbs that go straight to your fat reserves in yer belly thighs/ back and they also rape your heart and arteries. you need to concentrate on foods high in good carbs which balance your energy levels throughout the day and give you a slow steady release; and protein you need to concentrate on too. * * * * ty foods will give u instant energy but will drain you more towards the end of the day. insetad of having toast/ scrambled eggs and bacon with a glass of juice and bagel for breakfast start your day at 6-7am with a nice bowl of whole grain oatmeal throw some frozen bluberry's or bananas in there and maybe a pinch of flax seeds (btw don't ever drink smoothies or shakes.. yer body needs to decompose and process the good foods) and ALWAYS eat in small quantities. Make your meals small abd balanced it sounds hard but it is quite easy.. with every meal you should have at least 1 piece of green veggie and 1 piece of yummy fruit. your diet will consist of brown rice/sometimes white rice. try and go with indian basmati rice as it is the healthiest grain of rice with the least amount of starch and * * * * . just buy a 20 kg bag of it and cook it in large quantities so u can just poor a scoop n eat with a piece of skinless chicken breast and steamed broccoli and cooked potatoe (you must end the gravy/butter habbit) if u want sauces u can make homemade ones. the goal here is to start your day with good healthy carbs that give u long lasting energy for the end of day and workout and to be able to give yoru body the protein and carbs needed for repair after your workout. so basically just stick with a brown rice/ fish/chickenbreast /steamed veggies like peas carrots broccoli/asparagus etc u name diet and also invest in a bottle of centrum protoge multivitamins ur body needs vitamins take a blood test n find out if u might be hypogacemic and get ur blood sugar levels in order u need to know what vitamins and minerals in your body you are lacking so you can bring up the levels to a balanced rate.... anyways after u get your diet in order just write * * * * out in paper it's simple should take 20 mins to get a 4-5 meal a day plan goin with basic ingredients they pretty scheap too. you should be eating anyways from 2000-3200 calories a day in yummy healthy food depending on your body rate and * * * * . go to a gym and take a free fitness trial and find out your body fat percentage too and bmi that helps as well and it could determine yoru diet and workout regime entirely... neways after the diet is taken care of


it's time to go heavy on the weights... now here is the difference since u and i are skinny * * * * * es we will see guys in the gym doing all sorts of isolation and neat exercises we have to ignore those guys and just do what we need. we need to concentrate on low rep workouts that build strength... because strength gives you mass for skinny * * * * * like us. you need to do full body workouts DO NOT EVER workout just your arms or your chest or your legs as this will result in all your hardwork going to waste because gaining mass is like solving einsteins field equations it takes little error and TONS of formulas to be perfect. your diet has to be right your workout regime has to be right your recovery has to be right your sleep has to be right your body hydration has to be right get a pen and paper and write down in capital letters post it on yoru bedroom wall so you get reminded every day that you need the following



1) * * * * loads of water.. be it tap h20 bottled w/e just drink water like your a starving thirsty. if your not pissing every 30 mins your not drinking enough water


2) sleep at least 9 hours a day and a consistent schedule because your body ONLY grows and repairs in sleep mode ignore evberyone else says


3) make protein shake. go to walmart or GNC n get a good mass whey isolate protein shake with some fat for mass building and a healthy amount of protein because this is going to help get you your calories and protein for repair you should be at least consuming 150g of protein a day


3) eat 4-5 small healthy meals with said ingredients and dient and for snacks drink 2-3 protein shakes inbetween meals



there's some other * * * * but i can't remember right now i have a bad memory i'll post later mentioning the things i forgot sometimes my mind is all over place



okay now back to the workout you are at the gym your workouts should be split up 1 to 2 body parts per day MAX and you shouldn't be in the gym longer than 45-60 mins of heavy workout any more and you will be burning more calories not needed and won't grow



your bread and butter here is DEADLIFTS/SQUATS/BENCH PRESS/DIPS/PUSHUPS these exercises are CRUCIAL and should be worked VERY hard ONCE a week ONLY you should have it that when you perform a deadlift workout your back will be sore and need exactly 5-7 days for full recover


you also need to target the 7-10 rep range and on every set on the 8th to tenth rep you should be aiming for muscle failure


as long as your diet and vitamins and energy levels are in palce you should have no problems with recovering/injury gaining etc (unless you're ain idiot and use incorrect form but with every workout you should be SURE you are using slow controlled contracted movements with prooper posture and form)


i gtg to work i will post back later with the rest of what to do but i'm tellin you all this is coming from an authentic ectomorph whose changed his body successfully this is the ONLY WAY that works for us hard gainees

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