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The Goodbye Meal

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The final sujorn with the ex is about to become a reality, I left my previous job after her and I fell apart, and as such we havent spoken to each other now in some time. Several members of my team have left recently and as a result they have arranged a meal to say goodbye to all of us at once.


Since I left the fact that her and I werean item hgas come out, and to be honest I'm unsure about wither I should go or not. I can imagine everyone there asking me about her, and expecting fireworks. The simple fact is that were it not for her, I would be going without hesitation, its only that that gives me pause.


I dont want to end it with said words, but I dont know if we can do civil yet as you might be able to see y my previous thread. So I'm asking for opinions. SHould I go? Why? What would you do?


Thanks in advance.

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If you're not ready yet then I don't think you should go. Think about it, everyone will be there at the dinner and if they remember last that you two were together then it will be pretty awkward to be there and not be together. There's no reason to go if you know that it will risk hurting yourself emotionally.

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