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should i take the money?

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lol, i got offered 1,ooo dollars to pose naked for a picture. i had the money in my hand. i told the guy no that i wasn't that kind of girl. he said the offer still stands and that if i change my mind to give him a call.


so my question is this this would any of you pose naked for a 1,000 bucks?

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Thats a very small amount of money to pose for nude! Strippers probably make more in a day than that. He be taking advantage because its such a small amount, stick to your morals and what you believe in. Those pictures could end up anywhere or come back to haunt you. Especially if you think you'll later regret it, don't do it.


Its different for a guy and for a girl though lol.

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That old joke about not whether you would do it, but for how much.... "We've already established you'll do it, my dear."


If you are going to allow someone to set a price on your body, at least set it high. ?




my opinion....


That means - No. Very bad idea in my books. Can't put into words how big of a NO that gets from me.


It is one thing to do something because it is what you have decided to do. It is a whole other thing once money or payment is offered by someone else.


So would you have sought this out for yourself with no offer of reward??


Seems to me the answer is no or else you would have those naked photos in your own hands right now, arranged by yourself with all control of the process in your own hands.


I have nothing against nude modeling in itself, and in fact done some of it myself.


This would be an outright foolish move, since you are asking our opinions, that is mine.

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Hell yes I'd do it! After signing and having notarized a valid contract outlining where the pics go and what will be done with them. If he violates you then sure for ALOT MORE than $1000.


Then I would show up with a trusted friend, preferably a big, huge guy that could beat him to a pulp and I'd pose my little heart out!!! He can snap away!

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If you ever do things like this, you need to be 100% prepared for the fact that this picture is probably not staying between the two of you, regardless of whether or not you set up a contract. No guy pays a grand just to take a picture of a naked girl and keep it to himself.


But....1,000 dollars is a lot of money for about 60 seconds of work. I'd have probably done it if I was a girl.

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next time you have the cash in your hand, seriously take it and run. turn around and sprint. then he can have the picture of your booty running away with his money in his head. haha


I got the most hilarious video in my head of that happening. Mostly because a very beautiful girl was running down a busy street, buck naked, with heels and cash in hand.

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