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Is it possible for shy girls to be outgoing?


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people feel comfortable at different places, different times and with different people. of course it can happen, it may be spontaneous or even a once off but trust me it happens. and some times people are branded shy but there not just maybe not as outgoing they need to come through with their own personality and when it does its like omg she unique.


its not false or anything just chose to do it and come open a little later. self confidence and concept, well thats how they are, not becuase they are shy but their life on a whole and how secure they are, relationship emotions, everything fits in.


but yes it happens, and watch out for the shy turn wild there so unique!



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most of my close friends consider me confident, a leader-type.


inside i find myself shy and insecure.


It's all about comfort levels in certain situations and particularly at school, i found i developed a defense mechanism... that was instead of being willing to be a doormat, i took a stance and was firm/assertive with people, but not rude or unfriendly. just self-assured. this was all in order to keep afloat in a school full of very confident/eminent young girls, yet inside im still a pretty shy person.

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