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Why do I want her yet dont want her?

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It's crazy part of me wants her back but the other part couldn't live with her and would make me unhappy/miserable.


Why do I want her in my life yet dont want her as a girlfriend anymore?.


Is it becuase I lost a best friend? is that what im really missing and not the relasionship?.

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Change is difficult to process. I'm sure there are many more reasons but just wanted to mention that the change of not having her in your life is one that will take some time to get used to. Even though you won't miss everything about her, I'm sure you had some good times and got used to having her in your life.

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maka56 I know what you mean. I'm just so conflicted, and I keep journaling and journaling through all these different thoughts. And on one side her breaking up with me makes all the sense in the world. For both of us.


But then I know that if she were to come back and ask to try it again, I would probably welcome it. Ugh.

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It's a toughie. I feel kinda the same way. Somedays I wish I could have my ex back, and most of the time I'm glad it's over. Humans are creatures of habit. Possibly one of the reasons you want her back is because you were just so used to being with her. That's part of my problem. I used to talk to my ex everyday one the phone and that was very hard to break that habit. You just have to get out of the habit, I know that's easier said than done, I only recently got out of the habit somewhat and it's only been 4 months for me.


Keep yourself busy, maybe that'll help.

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