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4 month anniversary question

romantic guy

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I think that is a major invasion of somebody's possessions. She basically wants to live the Hollywood movie or porn star fantasy of swimming naked and having sex in the pool. You see this scenario all the time in Hollywood movies and I am sure plenty of porn movies. This is someone else's pool and they may not appreciate another couple swimming naked and having sex in the pool It really is disgusting. If this is what she wants to do then she should buy her own house, get her own swimming pool and then she can swim naked and have sex all she wants. It is not even a question of shyness...it is a question of what is appropriate and what is overstepping the bounds of friendship. Also, there is nothing magical about a 4 month anniversary. 4 months is nothing in the grand scheme of a relationship...if this is what she wants to do at 4 months, I would hate to see what she has planned for 1 year...naked in a hot air balloon!

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If you don't want to do it - don't do it. No one should be pressured into doing anything they don't want to.


If you do decide to do it - I think it would be wise to make sure that she has permission from her friend to use the pool and that the neighbours are aware that someone might be using it late at night while she is away.


The embarrassment at being arrested by the police as naked trespassers would be hard to live down if you are already shy.

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