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What is up with the phone tag??!


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i must admit that I am feeling really irritated with the phone tag game my guy seems to be playing with me this week!! It goes like this:


Monday morning i call him on my way to work which we often do. I got his voicemail which almost NEVER happens in the morning. So i leave a message and go on about my day. Monday afternoon, he does call me about 3pm and i took the call- everything seems cool.


So Tuesday morning i call him again on my way to work- thinking nothing of it. I get his voicemail AGAIN! I leave another message wishing him a happy Tuesday. I'm thinking how weird it seems to get his voicemail! But oh well. so the whole day and evening comes with no call from him and i am feeling a bit down about it. When i wake up the next morning (wednesday), still no messages, so i just turn off my phone--- when i feel i am too nervous to not get a call-- i do this sometimes!!


Sure enough, i check my messages at noon and there are TWO! It seems he called that morning within 3 minutes of each call. and in each message he says he will try to call me later that day. So, i am thinking-- oh that is cool!


So later that day i figure i can just call him back, right? i call at about 615pm and sure enough i get his damn voicemail! Aaaahh! so i leave a nice message- no phone call that evening.


I figured well, he will at least call me back this morning but no! I thought about just calling again but I don't like calling more than once in a row


I am irritated and kinda wondering what's up. He says he hates playing games but it seems like there is a little game going on here.


It seems of interest that in the past week whenever i call i am usually getting his vm and this is unusual. That cell phone of his is attached at the hip-literally.


This kinda sucks-- any thoughts? We have been dating about 5 months now and have both agreed to be exclusive. It is not a hot and heavy infatuation but we both are really fond of the other and keep in touch on a regular basis and see each other usually on the weekends because we are both really busy during the week. He has told me that it takes him a long time to get attached with someone but that he really likes the way things are going.


Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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