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a friend says it's not that good to chew on The (anticonception) pill; true ?

Belgian girl

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b/c I just asked him if I should take a second one b/c I was that stupid to directly after taking brushing my teeth and then he answered 'No problem, something you eat won't come out' and then I 'But I chew on it' and then he 'That's no good, won't have the same effect' so I still think I'ld better take a second one b/c situation is bit similar as when someone threw up after taking and to just play for sure

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already took a second one after I read P.M. and before reading here again. If I didn't read I would have decided myself to take a second one as well. Think indeed it's not good to take extra dose there in the description stands to call anti poison centre or to contact a doctor but expect only one extra won't be a problem even b/c in case someone threw over while after taking one and b/c of that would take a second there's also possibility she would take almost double dose. And I let about 3 - 4 hours between it so makes it less worse either I guess. I always use protection as well (condom) and haven't had sex last about six months. Bit frustrating taking the pill while no sex happens but I can't really expect when it would be next time and stopping and then starting isn't good either b/c the movements of hormons inside the body. I take Mercilon and it's known as a light pill so makes me think having taken a 2th one is really not that bad. But never happened before and I will take better care.

And I will swallow next times.

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