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To do or not to do?


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There's a girl I like in my school, who I get along with who's birthday is coming up. I don't know if I should get her something small ($10 or less small) or nothing at all. There are only two small problems with this: 1.) I don't know If I'll be able to reach the mall in time to get a gift and 2.) I don't want to make a perception that I'm desperate for her when I'm really not. Any help on a small gift would really help. Right now though, I don't know if she would go out with me or not, so here is the info I've gathered so far.


PROS -At an extracirricular activity the other day, her good friend that I also know (a guy) introduced us to one another even though we already know each other. BTW, this comes right after it looked like they were talking about me (c'mon-they were looking right at me and grinning). He told us he's the "matchmaker" and later told me he's trying to hook me and her up. When I congratulated my other friend that she knows after he did a good job, she also congratulated him (If I didn't do it, she wouldn't have either-shows the "she's doing what I'm doing" thing). She gave a loud "Go (my name) right before my sports event started. She's always looking my way too...


CON-she SAYS she likes another guy. This guy I'm pretty sure will not be going out with her: he's just a really big flirt that a lot of girls are into. Anyway, he's not that smart in or out of school.


What do you guys think of all this? I'm being cautious because of past experiences.

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how well do you know her then? i mean do you se her and have a good conversation or is it that you have just been introduced but youve known her for longer?

i dont believe that she will see you as desperate but i guess it depends on what shes like.


as for the pros and cons, the pros looked pretty good and i believe that she was being encouraging and positive towards you. the cons, well you wont know until you try and thats something you should do in my eyes as i always believe that you shouldnt live in regret.


as for the gift, if you havent known her long or even if you have, a small token such as a gorgeous red rose would be amazing, and write on the little card on the rose dont buy a carde it doesnt look as good, but i guess thats up to you *smiles*


hope this helps, kel

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Well, what kind of friendship do you have with her?


The gift should be a reflection of how well you know the individual and type of relationship (present relationship Not future). In your situation, a casual friend usually does not warrant a gift, but you like her so pick up something small. A small teddy bear that is extremely cute would do quite nicely here. Small non personal gifts are something that she will appreciate, but not feel obligated.


I probably would not buy a gift if I was in your situation, because I would feel that I am being pushy. But that is me.


If you feel a need to buy her a gift then by all means do it. Try to talk to her and find out some more information about her and see if there is an attraction from her and see some of the things that she likes and that will help you decide what to get her.


Good Luck

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