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Divorce Busters

Ten Ocho

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Hello all,


Has anyone here heard of this site, or read any of the books they published. I was reading reviews on Amazon (I know I know ), and it got mostly good reviews.


My wife and I recently signed papers. Long story, she's told my mom she has been having second thoughts, although I take it with a grain of salt. Anyways, I think our marriage is totally salvageable, but that's just me.


I was wondering if anyone here has tried that program or any similar ones.



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I was actually a member of the Divorce Busting websites forum some time ago and after seperating with my H and it helped me immensely and helped me get through, some tough times. The people there were terrific...


So much so in fact, that one of the members who I became really good friends with, sent a copy of the Divorce Busting book and free of charge.


Of course, it never brought back my H....they only come back, if they want to come back and no book, no tactics, no 180 turnaround, no amount of advice in the world on winning back your H, can change that fact...

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You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying out their divorce busting strategies. They seem like a sound approach to dealing with your wife whether you are still living together or already separated.


It's working for me to help me have a more enjoyable interaction with my recently separated wife when we get together once a week.


I think you need to get clued up asap with the dynamics of the failing relationship and figure out what you need to do to save it. You have nothing to lose by improving yourself and learning from this.


You will come out of this a better man no matter what!!!

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You will come out of this a better man no matter what!!!


That's true.


And even if you don't end up back with your partner....it makes you aware of where you went wrong and the mistakes you made in your marriage, which is all helpful to know, for if you start a fresh relationship.


And because it has all helped you become a better person, the likelihood is, is that you won't makes those same mistakes again.

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