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well...I guess i should start from the beginning?


Our family's had been close when i was 11 and he was 20. His mom was my dance instructor and basically my extra mother. One holiday he in a rather intoxicated moment confessed to both my parents and his parents that he had feeling for me and that he felt horrible about the age difference. Both sets of parents reassured him that he was not a horrible person, of course after confirming that it was me and not my age that was the attraction. Not long after his current serious GF at that point in time heard about this and decided to start telling me that he and she were getting married, this got back to him that she was saying these things and he broke up with her. His words to both parents then were: what if i married someone and then found out that she (me) had been the one.

and so it was decided by my mom and dad that i could date him when i turned 16, he would have been 25 or so. well anyways our family's lost contact when his ran into some trouble a few years back.

I still have feelings for this guy and i miss him a lot. I have only ever dated one person because i felt the same way he did those years ago. its depressing that i never really got the chance to tell him the way i felt but i understand that back then my age was a real problem.

now i am turning 18 and have decided to try and reconnect, i have his phone number but i am too scared to call.

why? ...........he is married.

he got married last year to a woman who lives out of country and is for some reason is not being allowed to come over. They met online and from what i know they have only met once in person, when they got married.

My parents feel very strongly that this is NOT like him, its not his personality to do something like that. Perhaps he gave up waiting, he has always been worried that waiting would decrease his chances of finding that "one person"

did he just settle from having to wait so long? was it that we fell out of contact? probably

But what should i do! Do i call him at this point.......

*sigh* this sucks.

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i don't understand why your parents are analyzing his decision as something he didn't want to do. He's married, that's the only fact in the equation. You can't interfere with married people. Not to be cheeky but I think there is something odd with a 20 year old confessing his love for a child.

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