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HELP! Desperately need your advice!!

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I'm relatively new to Arizona and don't have many friends.


The purpose of this post is to explain my situation and solicit ideas and advice as I've exhausted all my resources and I don't know what to do. Since none of you know me, I figured I'd be assured an objective opinion. (Family and friends back home want me home and the 3 people I know here want me to stay here.)


I'm originally from Madison, Wisconsin and I had a really rough year and a half with losing a job, a home, a wife and being forced to file bankruptcy. Sadly, I feel I've lost more than that, but I'm working to get it all back. After the storm subsided, I decided to relocate to Arizona. A friend of mine lives here and he and his wife encouraged me to move here to live with them. They knew the hell I went through and they both felt it was important for me to start fresh somewhere new and different. I moved here at the end of March. My friend assured me that it wouldn't take long to get a job in the 6th largest city in the US. He had contacts that I met and talked with. Unfortunately, no one had any connections. So, over the last 4 months I've been diligently searching for jobs. I've been going on every job site there is, I've filed with many employment agencies, I've walked in to businesses scouting for jobs and leaving resumes. I've had interviews and I've had second interviews... still, I'm met with rejection. I either get "you're over-qualified for the position" or "sorry, we've selected another candidate for the position." I have recently resorted to applying for a job at a grocery store. I'm that desperate. Especially now that I've exhausted my savings and I'm totally dependent on my two friends.


My friend and his wife are expecting their second baby in October. I'm currently in the room they plan to use as the nursery. We all thought I'd be employed by now and ready to move out on my own. Well, apparently I moved to Phoenix at a bad time because the unemployment rate here has gone up since May. There is subtle pressure for me to get out of this room as it is badly needed for a baby on the way.


I have a girlfriend who wants me to move in with her. However, she lives in a small 2-bedroom apartment with her 4 teenagers. When I'm there, her daughters have to sleep in the living room as all the girls share one room and the 2 boys share the other room. There's really no room for me and my things. Last week, she lost her job and is scrambling to find employment.


So, what do I do? Do I go back home to burden my family until I get a job or do I move in with my girlfriend and burden her with my situation until I get a job? Please ask any questions you want. I don't know what to do and I'm looking for any ideas to get through this.


I'm sorry if none of this makes sense as I've got a killer migraine from all the stress and I can hardly think straight.


Thank you for any advice or ideas you may have to offer!

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Yes, I've tried all of those and more. I've applied for jobs in all the suburbs of Phoenix. I'm drug and alcohol free, no criminal record and I'm a US citizen. I've asked several people to look at my resume. Friends and recruiters say there is nothing wrong with my resume. I thought moving to a larger city would make getting a job easier than it was in Madison, WI.

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I worked for a weather services company where I was hired as a hardware technician. Six months into the job, I was pushed into Inventory Management because the guy I worked with got another job. I don't have enough experience or any certifications as a technician, so that's no longer an option.


Before I moved to Arizona, I took a small job assembling cabinets and counter tops. I took the job because it was SOMETHING. I was told prospects in Phoenix would be better, so I left.


I have a degree in Criminal Justice, however, here in Arizona, you can't have any traffic violations for at least 36 months before applying for a job as a police officer. (I got a speeding ticket back in February)


I'd like to go back to school and get a degree that matters.

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