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i'm doing everything i can to keep him interested


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hi, lately i have been feeling like my relationship is going downward. i have been doing everything i can to keep him . i have been sending him photos of myself and suggesting that we take it futher in the bedroom. but i don't want it to be just about sex. i want it to be about bonding. i don't really know how to do that tho. any suggestions?

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plan some fun dates. maybe go without sex for a week... then plan an awesome night together. build it up kind of thing.


play silly games like would you rather... or if you could....i got to know my boyfriend really well doing stuff like that early on. I'd ask a question then he'd have to make up one too. ex: would you rather be a fish or a bird? or if you could live anywhere where would you live? sounds silly but is a fun way to get to know everything about someone.

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You don't have to go no sex you just need to do some activities where you two are bonding. Think of some activities that you both like and get out and do them. Also go out for weekend trips B&B's are always good.


When I date I try and do something fun at least once a week (putt putt, movie, dinner, skiing) It keeps the friendship part of the relationship new and exciting.

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