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What do outgoing guys think of shy girls?

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I wanna know what outgoing guys think of shy girls because I'm a shy girl. Do outgoing guys think like nothin of shy girls besides that there never gonna get any from them because there shy?, and do most of them just Ignore them although they may think that there really pretty, but ignore them because of there shyness? I'm saying this because I know I'm pretty, a lot of guys have told me(I dont mean 2 sound concited, because I'm not)but outgoing guys really dont seem to be very interested in me, there interested in the outgoing girls. What should I do?

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Well first I'd like to say Welcome to eNotalone.com


OK, I'm going to be brutally honest with you


My opinion here:


If your not a outgoing girl the guy will loose interest in you, Why that is would be because he is getting the *~ vibe~* from you (because of your Shyness) that your not interested in him, and that he doesn't stand a chance...


Sometimes people can't overcome that feeling, But you can learn how to control it, and use it to your advantage.

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i am currently going out with a pretty shy girl and i try to be as outgoing as i can. so let me tell you that if i guy, no matter how out going, likes you, then it won't really matter to him that you're shy. however, you do need to show him that you care about him and don't just sit back and go along for the ride. like s4il said, the guy will start to become bored if he is not getting a vibe from you. for instance, i really love my girlfriend (even though i haven't told her yet, but thats a different story), but i am always the one who does things for her. neither one of us has been in a serious relationship before, but it seems as though she is not trying to figure out what i like as much as im trying to figure out what she likes. so make sure that you try to show as much affection towards him as he does towards you.

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I'm a pretty shy girl. I was persued once by a very aggressively outgoing guy. I don't know what he saw in me, to this very day, but he doesn't speak to me anymore anyway because I didn't sleep with him when he asked me once.


I admired him. He was everything *I* wanted to be: charasmatic and sexy and popular and the kind of guy girls throw themselves at.... except me. He had a face made for movies. He was absolutely beautiful, and for some reason he found me fascinating. I could never tell how much of what he said to me was sincere, but he was very flattering and very affectionate, and made me feel beautiful....


I think he thought I was just a challenging chase, though. I'm afraid to go find him and talk to him and find out, though, because he's so charmingly coercive...

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