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I Get Jealous Over Nothing! HELP!!!


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I've Been Dating My Bf for Alittle Under a Month Now and Things have been going Great. With one Problem, I get Jealous over Nothing. He has alot of Girl Friends, in Fact 95% of his Friends are Girls. In Which I Have no Problem with considering I mostly Hang with Guys. But anyway, When we're Hanging Out with His Girl Friends I for some reason get so Jealous. I really Dont Know Why, I get along with the girls and I have no reason not to Trust him So I dont understand the feelings I get. I've never Been the Jealous Type, and All of a Sudden I meet him and it's Like a whole other Thing. Could Someone Please Explain to Me Why I Get Jealous over the smallest Things? It's really Driving Me Crazy.Aaahh! Thanks in Advance Guys.

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i would just try and trust him and watch out for the whole jealousy thing. i had the same problem with my old BF so i understand that it is hard. but i will start to drive him crazy and make him think that you don't trust him. maybe you should try talking to him about it. that helped me get over it a little. well see ya.

love Qtpie87

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its probably because everything else seems to click in the relationship and its going great. even though you might not see it you may be a little intimidated by the amount of looks of some of the other girls he hangs around with as friends. it could also be that possibly in past relationships you are used to meeting the guy friends, knowing deffinitley that he wasnt going to go off with them and for you this is new, he may be intimidate by you having loads of guy mates. i would say give it time, you say youve got no reason not to not trust him so thats good, keep it going and try to avoid getting so easily jelous.


although the key thing that you have obviously seen is that you get jelous over nothing, hold onto that!


good luck, kel

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