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Question for any Sagittarius's here

Tears May Fall

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I myself am a Sag, and I tend to match up very closely to the typical description of Sag's according to astrology, and its caused some relationship issues for me. Anyone else?


So I was wondering if other Sag's here have a personality trait that tends to keep them from settling down into a relationship or with one person, with trending thoughts that go along the lines of wondering if the grass is always greener on the other side? Ultimately, they usually get bored of partners rather quickly.


Basing it on the curious and exploring nature of sagittarians, they love to wonder and explore what the next thing will be, where will there lives take them next, life is an adventure for them...It is also told that they view relationships similarly, like its a game/adventure, to see if it meets their needs and challenges, and then they wonder if that person is "good enough" and will there be someone else better/different out there. They must find someone open minded and willing to try new things, someone who can keep up with them and doesn't always think with their emotions, but rather upon instinct and adventurousness. They'll be open to try new relationships at first but are quick to decide they are no longer into the relationship when their thoughts start wandering.They are also stated to be the longest bachelors, tending to settle down and get married later than other signs.


Anyone seem to have any opinions on this...whether you are a Sag or have known a Sag

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Trust me on this...I studied astrology when i was younger. A sun sign is not going to garner you much in the way of finding a compatible mate. There are 12 zodiac signs and milliions of people. Do you really think they all fit into that small of a window?


If you really are hell bent on an astrological match google "natal chart" and figure out what your ENTIRE chart consists of and the type of person compatible. But finding a person in mainstream population who has all of the right signs in the right planets is like finding a needle in a haystack.


My advice to you is just look for a guy/gal who shares your interests whom you are attracted to and go from there.

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Oh Im not saying that I base my relationship "match" or anything on astrology, I just meet people and its whether I like them and we have chemistry and get along. Im just speaking of my own self that this is a personality trait I tend to have, and its just interesting that my astrology horoscope says just that bout sagittarians and was wondering if it was just a coincidence or were there others. And im not saying only sagittarians can have a trait of that sort either, anyone can.

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I think what you're saying is not that you're looking for a match based on astrology, but that you match the typical sag traits?

Edit: I see we posted at exactly the same time, so you answered this in your last post.


I'm a fellow Sagittarian and also match the traits very closely, especially when it comes to being unsatisfied in relationships. At 51, I've never been married, although engaged three times and common-law relationships in which I quickly became unhappy and bored. I've never felt I could commit to anyone for life and tend to withdraw into myself when I'm unhappy in a relationship and always want something better. I'm the same way with jobs, even if I'm happy in a job, I'm always surfing the net looking for a better opportunity. The only thing that seems to ground me is my two children (I couldn't even bring myself to marry their father). I think sagittarians are just naturally restless and place a very high value their freedom.

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Well ....I knew a Sagittarian male and he always had quoted at the end of posts *who knows what the next chapter will bring* funnily enough...so i figure he views life as an adventure. He reckoned I was his biggest ever challenge...lol and Im Libra, with Aries ascendant....and we are compatible supposedly:


Most compatible signs for Sagittarius:

Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius

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That's funny...take a look at the first quote in my sig. I guess maybe we all share that trait.



I wouldn't imagine the guy I know, is even into astrology and he probably isn't even aware of the personality traits for his star sign....yet as I said, he quotes what I said and you have same thing, only different wording...

I'm pleased I didn't end up with him, if they like to go seeking pastures new though...lol


Many think of astrology as a heap of tosh, but I believe there to be some truth in it and especially the personality traits for each star sign. I'm typical of a Libran, but have very strong Aries traits also. I once had my birth chart and a report done and it was absolutely spot on and accurate in regard to me and my personality...it was quite uncanny.

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Ive studied astrology for a long time, Im taurus with gemini rising- so adventure....what? Goodness me? haha.


I have to agree about alot of the traits of a Sag being pretty true, both my brother and best friend are Sag's. Neither have really ever completely settled in a relationship. My best friend is veru much the adventurer, she absolutely loves to live life on the edge, has a really stressful high powered job as a journalist and tells me she wouldnt have it any other way, she basically lives hand to mouth, never has any food in the house etc etc, i love her dearly but il never understand (probably because im the comfort loving Taurus) how anyone would WANT to live this way! ha. Her relationships have always been quite short, she does get bored very quickly and most have been friend with benefit situations.

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Here's an odd trait. I know five Virgos who always read the last page of a book before they read the book. I don't know if it's a Virgo thing or coincidence.


Too much of a coincidence I think....it's obviously a Virgo thing.


One thing I will say about this Sagittarius guy, I kept him on his toes and was always one step ahead of him....lol. There was never a dull moment He was a lot like me and I think that is why we got along so well....we were exactly on the same wavelength. exact same sense of humour and everything...


We split because I couldnt and didn't trust him....lol, so there you go!!

But he has tried to come back a lot of times...and I mean, a lot of times!


So I suggest Tears May Fall, should opt for a Libran perhaps??

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One of my close female friends (who was very interested in me in the past but I had a girlfriend at the time) is a libra and we get along GREATTTT. We now went from that stage to just being good friends. Reason I never took it past that, only thing is, although she's very pretty, her body doesn't really turn me on and sorry to sound shallow but it is what it is.

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