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B/F issues

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I have an issue. My b/f of eight months will not go out with me at all. He likes to stay home and play on his computer and play poker. He doesn't like to drink but he could still come out with me to the bars sometimes. It just pisses me off. He never likes to go anywhere. I've mentioned this to him several times but he just will not do anything. What do I do?

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maybe sense he doesn't drink he just doesn't want to go to the bar. maybe the bar isn't a place that he feels is fun or he is comfortable at. me and my ex would always go to the mall, then a movie, and then to dinner. do something like that. try getting him to go out paintballing, movies, mall, walking, swimming, shopping, out to eat, lazer tag, have friends come over for a game night ( it sounds like there shouldn't be any alcohol though) tell him you have something planned and take him out to dinner and a movie for a surprise. you say you like the bar, but that is evidentaly not somewhere he likes. sit down with him, find things he likes to do also, and then compromise, a relationship has to be giving. if that doesn't work then i would ask him more about it and maybe be concerned.

well best of luck,


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do you not go out at all then? was this like a gradual development or has he never enjoyed it? and when you say he doesnt go out, do you just go round to each others then and not out and about. instead of activities like going to the pub which im guessing would be a night time activity try to prise him away from his computer during the day, go out on a day trip somewhere new, just make sure the first time you do its great other wise you might find it a little harder the next time.


but other than that i completely agree with QTie87


good luck, kel

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The bar is a place that I like to hang out. All my friends go there. Whenever I'm out with them they don't even think my b/f exists cuz he never wants to go out and they never see him. It makes me so mad. I wish I could get over it but it really bothers me. I just enjoy going out to the bars meeting my friends and stuff. Yeah we go to the movies and dinner and stuff like that but it gets boring. I like to be social and he was like that too when we first started going out, but then he started staying home every weekend and not wanting to be social and stuff. I just want him to be like he was when I met him. OUTGOING>

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