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Girl Had Sex With Another Guy?


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Met a 19 Year Old girl around Feb. We texted back & forth around a Month before our 1st date, 1st date went fantastic, apart from her bringing up her ex and telling me she slept with his mate after they split!?!? They dated for a few Months & split around Xmas. Ended up back at mine but I got her a taxi home before we went beyond kissing. She clearly wanted more but I felt it was too early, she text apologising if she was too full on and asked for a 2nd date.


2nd date went well though we both got very drunk and she went straight home. Felt things cooling a bit and the following week she made an excuse not to meet, this went on for a couple of Months or so but she continously texts me and comes to see me DJ at a local bar.


From day 1 I played things cool and avoided chasing her, seeing each other around once a week as we go to the same bars & clubs. Flirting, hugging but not snogging or more since end of March.


The ex has come up again recently, she told me how she fell in love with him,he wont let her be with anyone else but wont commit to her etc. I mostly avoided giving advice & just listened, though to be fair i brought the subject up asking about her facebook status updates!


Friday gone I texted suggested meeting up, she seemed interested at 1st asking what I had in mind but then said that she didn’t think she could because she didn’t have much money. I thought fair enough and didn’t text back.


The following night I saw her in a local club, by chance I went somewhere different and so did she, I didn’t expect her to be out as she said she didn’t have much money. She walked straight past me without acknowledging me (turned the other way) and sat down next to another guy, looked over at me frequently, kissed him then left the club with him.


The following morning I changed my facebook status to something along the lines of shes blown it and later that day she changed hers to thinking lastnight was good-how naughty am I! I was obviously upset by this and deleted her as a friend.


Any thoughts as to what is really going on? Is she into me and trying to get a reaction? Is she playing dating games? Is she just a user? Should I stick with this and play along or cut her off completely?

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Any thoughts as to what is really going on? Is she into me and trying to get a reaction? Is she playing dating games? Is she just a user? Should I stick with this and play along or cut her off completely?


She is a USER. she is playing with you to make herself feel important, and that behavior does not mean she cares about you or she that she is interested in anyone but herself. Good people that are secure in themselves do not do these things, so she has no long term potential for you unless you want to get yourself into a messy relationship. You should cut her off completely and I think you may already know that since you said it yourself - What reason would you have to stick with this unless you prefer to have drama in your life.. which can make things interesting I guess? But I say.. You're obviously out there meeting people and she is not worth your time. Respect yourself on this one and cut her off because she is not a good person and she obviously has low morals

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Thanks for the advice so far, greatly appreciated! To update she sent me the following text on Monday:


'hey how r u? good weekend? have to say impressed me wit ur choice of music sat! Think i seen ur bro out but im not sure! Wot u upto this week? Goin out fri if u fancy it?'


Today is Wednesday, I havent replied and shes just changed her facebook status to:


'has decided she is naughty-and does naughty things-its who I am!!! (I dont get it anymore-I dont get you-what is it? What do you u want?)


Still trying to get a reaction or genuine interest?

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I dont think shes interested, if she can sleep with her ex's friend then it shows what type of person she is, 1 that likes to get attention, 1 that doesnt mind hurting some1 if it makes her look good, she obviously likes to think shes naughty but really you sound as though you deserve alot better than some1 playing you.

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Just a quick update with her latest fb status which I guess is aimed at her ex


'Has figured out ur game, altho is a little confused at y u keep tryin2get at me when ur failin2do so and ur makin urself look v jealous (u made it this way!!!)'



Any thoughts?

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