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Just looking for some insight


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About a month ago I met a guy while I was out one night, we had a good time, he took my number down and called a couple of days later. We spoke on the phone for about an hour and I was leaving for Vegas that weekend so we agreed that we would meet up once I got back. The following week when I got back he texted me asking me how my trip was and all, and then asked if I would like to get together with him Saturday night saying that if I did not want to just to say “no thanks” and he would say thank you for the good time the night we met and that I would still be the best dancer in his book. I said Saturday night sounded good, and he said he would give me a call Friday to set something up. He never called Friday, Saturday he texted me saying he was sorry he didn’t call Friday he had gone out with people from work and that he’s really not a phone person (he’s very shy and does seem very nervous over the phone) anyway, he asked if I would meet up with him in the city (we live pretty far from each other so the city is the midway point), I said I would try but I had forgot that I had a going away party to go to that night so I probably would not be able to make it and I asked if we could reschedule for sometime during the week, he said sure no problem.




On Monday he texted me saying that his brother and sister in law had extra tickets to see Bruce Springstein that night, he asked if I would come and said he would pick me up. Unfortunately I was out of town again and wasn’t coming home until late that night, so I told him I would love to but I could not since I was out of town, so he said that he could also get tickets for Thursday night. Now I know this going to sound like I’m avoiding him or making up lies, but Thursday night we were taking out one of my colleagues who is a very good friend of mine for her last day at work. I explained this to him and told him that if he wasn’t going to the concert Thursday night he would be more than welcome to join us. He said ok and thanks and that he would talk to me Thursday. Anyway Wednesday night I texted him telling him where we were going and what time and asked again if he would like to meet us. He said he was going to the concert Thursday so he wouldn’t be able to meet up, and said Fri or Sat would be good for him, so I said ok sounds good and have fun at the concert. So he texted me saying, he knew it was tough for us to get together but not to worry eventually we will, he said he was free that weekend and the whole of next week. So I said ok and hope to see you this weekend. Later on that night I texted to let him know a program we both watch is on and we started texting each other back and forth about it, and ever since then I have not heard from him.




I don’t really understand if he was expecting me to initiate contact again, or he just lost interest since it was so difficult to get together? Needless to say maybe I should have contacted him again, not sure (to be honest I usually don’t have to) however whatever the case may be it’s too late now. Just looking for some insight.

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Are you blind? This guy is madly in love with you. My advice = MAKE TIME FOR HIM.


Stop making it all impossible for yourself and him, instead 'create possibilities' for the two of you to be together, you two can make a great couple, you just have to be there in time for him.

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Hhhmmmm - Interesting subject and something I've been wondering about!


Two weeks is not too late to contact him. Just send him a text saying hello or something! If he doesn't respond then you will know it's too late.


I hate that chit chatting via text and then someone drops off (stops sending..) It always makes me think, well guess he was done talking. And then question if I don't hear from the person. Like you, I don't usually send a text unless I hear from that person again.

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I agree with ITG, two weeks is not too late.


Personally, I think you should stop texting each other and just call him. It doesn't have to be a hour-long conversation.


Just give him a ring, ask him how he has been, and whether he'd like to get together soon. If he says no thanks, then at least you'll have your answer.

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Just a little update….I contacted the guy on Saturday, we went out Saturday night, and Sunday we also met because I was going to his part of town (there is a place that I frequent there a lot it’s hot spot on Sunday nights). I was with my friends, he was with his but we met up anyway.


While we were out on sat night he had asked me if I had been to that place (the one his town) and I said I was actually going there Sunday night with my friend and he said he had plans to go the place accross the street from there, so I said maybe we’ll meet up. So we met up and he was with two friends of his, who both told me that he had called them Sunday to ask them if they wanted to come out with him….which I’m assuming means he really did not have plans to go to that place, but once I said I was going he might’ve fibbed a little and said he had plans to go there too, which I guess is a good thing.


Anyway thanks for the advice and we’ll see what happens.

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