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hi ok what to do, do I call this evning or wait


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ok so meet girl saturday, had an awsome talked with her sunday evning. We decided to go out, but we where going to talk this week.


Ok dont know didnt call monday, now its tuesday. I dont know wheter to call her this evening or wait until tomorrow wednesday.


She came on msn yesterday and it said on a fishing trip all day to day she has been logged in on msn with her mobile phone. so she is not at her computer.


do I wait until tomorrow evening to call or call today? Should I wait until she gets back? I think I should call her tonight or wait until tomorrow


I dont know PLEAS help

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No I have called her the first call which was sunday, but when we spoke about everyting and decided to talk later about a time of the date. I dont know when to call again. I mean I didnt call yesterday. but dont know wheter to do the second call today or tomorrow. She is on a fishingtrip or something.


She is signed on msn with her mobile and it says on fishing trip. Should I call anyway to night or wait until she comes home.

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Ok called her. got her answering machine.

her outgoing messega was "hi how are you, hello cant hear you, hello"



So when the bip came I was caught of guard. said

" hi, hehehe funny outgoing messege, so Im still at work had a spare minute thought I would call you, so give me a call when you get the message or have time. bye"


did I just mess up??? I shouldnt have left a messega, and say that she should call me back. then I cant call her.


what you think

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