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I lived with my boyfriend for almost three years now.He is almost perfect as a partner as well as with my kids.My kids got so attached to him and is like a father to them.he is very hard working both at home and at work and helps me financially.A very responsible person and am so in love with him.He claims and makes me feel that he loves me too.More than a year into the relationship I found out that he still says I love you to his ex wife through text message.His kids and ex wife lives in another country.He sends them money regularly.I confronted him when I found out and he said he is just doing it for the kids.I also found out that he has been talking to different women over the internet and has some kind of a romantic relationships with several of these women.He also confessed that he had not been faithful to his exwife when they were together.Since I found out he had stopped communicating with his ex wife and stopped his internet activities,I know this because I put a monitoring software in my PC and he works in the field so there is no internet access.He said he truly loves me and is willing to change to make our relationship work.He wants to marry me soon.I love him but I still have doubts about his ability to be faithful.

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Well firstly, I see nothing wrong in him sending money to his ex wife for the kids....its known as child support and as their father, it's his responsibility to financially be supportive of his kids...


But I pretty much agree with the others, in regards to his cyber flings! If he's cheated on his ex wife, who is to say that he won't cheat on you?


I know of a guy exact same. He is addicted to internet chatrooms and chatting to different women online, asking them if they *want him* and telling them he will meet them and his poor wife has no clue!! The guy I refer too, has left these chatrooms on numerous occasions and for a few weeks...but he always returns! Once you become addicted, it's a hard habit to break.


And of course, if they keep on using these chatrooms, there is always that chance that some woman will come along with whom they will become *emotionally involved*....an affair of the heart ~ the most dangerous kind of affair and once those are begun, well they can signal the end for any marriage.

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