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Well, she called and left me a message. Yesterday, I turned 30! She just said "Hey Matt it's Leigh, and I know it's probably not good for us to chat and have these long winded conversations because it just messes me up in the head, but I did want to call and say happy 30th birthday and that I hope that this year turns out to be as productive as you want it to be and I just hope it's a good year for you. So, Happy Birthday, take care , Bye."


I did not call back but I was pretty mad that I missed her call. How stupid, though why not just say hi, happy birthday, instead of that silly preface to an otherwise nice message. I am working hard to get over this but at the same time hope that she will get sick of her ex boyfriend. Of course by that time I may very well have moved on completely. The long winded conversation she was referring to was the time we spoke for 2 hours on New Year's.


Do you have any advice as to how to proceed? Any hope of another chance at some point? I have just completely left the situation alone as of now and am going on as if she is married with 10 children.


You know, I just got back from my first date with a new hottie that I met last night! I actually had a great time and really didn't think about my ex much. There are definitely some good ones out there! I do have some advice that I would like to pass on, find a really hot girl or guy and hang out, your attitude will definitely improve rapidly and if your ex does decide to get back on the scene you will not be socially rusty and so focused on hurrying back to them! Thank you sooo much as always!

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Happy Birthday!! Mattias8701

I would continue dating that new "hottie"

I would try something new, I wouldn't put my life on hold, sure theres always a possiblity in the future for you and your ex, But I would give this new girl a chance, she might be everything you want, and open yourself up..don't appear bitter or somber over previous relationships, its a turn off to women..Let us know how it goes


Regards ~rainswept

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I realize that this is going to seem a bit strange...But i couldnt resist giving it a try...I actually saw your profile on link removed and tried to find another way to contact you because i found myself very interested in what you had to say. The way you described yourself seemed very in line with what i typically look for in a guy~but never seem to be able to find "outgoing, passionate, driven, fiercely loyal, focused, and energetic." How are you still single? Perhaps you are like me--and just cant seem to find the one that grabs you--Obviously because I am not a member of link removed i couldnt write to you so i decided to be sneaky and google your screen name to see if anything popped up. I love being sneaky! Suprisingly what I found was a guy who spoke from his heart and obvioulsy has been hurt in the past...by reading your posts...i can tell that you are very articulate, giving, and passionate--and somebody id love to get to know better. I hope that you feel the same after reading my profile. I can be reached at email removed, chrissymarie98 on aol messenger..and of course im sure you will want to see my profile on match-chrissymarie98. Maybe we can talk sometime soon...you seem very sweet. Chrissy.

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