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I have been depressed for too long. I have stresses like the rest of you. I have issues, maybe more, maybe less than others. I have a father that is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers, its called MCI. I have issues with infidelity because an ex cheated on me, and abandonment because she left. My latest attempt at a relationship ended last week when my girlfriend's ex boyfriend stole her back out of jealousy. I have a lot more that I could complain about, a lot more that I could worry over, but this is what I have decided...


I CAN... make tomorrow a better day

I CAN... look at things differently

I CAN... try to love again

I CAN... embrace the things I love

I CAN... Forgive those who have hurt me

I CAN... Leave the hurt behind

I CAN... let the music fill my heart

I CAN... see the stars again

I CAN... be loved

I CAN... be happy

I CAN... get help

I CAN... allow others to help me

I CAN... help others

I CAN... be a friend

I CAN... heal


and the list begins...



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Good on you for not giving up after all the trouble you have been through. It's very easy to let your problems take hold of your life and send you down a path of destruction, but the people who fight will come out stronger and happier.


I try to take the mindset that "There are no problems, only challenges to overcome"


You're on a good path; positive affirmations when repeated regularly are a great way to condition the mind into an optimistic state. Write them down several times, keep them at work or school, pin them up by your bed and keep reading them on a regular occasion.


Also try to take each day as it comes. I know it sounds like an easy concept but it really isn’t. I am not suggesting you don’t plan for the future but try to remember that life is now. We’re not waiting for the real life to begin, it began when you were born and it will end when you die. Don’t let anything force you to waste your time living.


Keep your head up and I wish you all the best.

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