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girlfriend? movin soon?


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okokokokok so i've gone on a few dates with this girl. we have mutual friends so we hang out with them too sometimes. do i have to ask her to be my girlfriend? i've only dated like one other girl and we dated for 4 years so i didn't know if asking to be my girlfriend is like the immature/weird thing to do or if just goin on dates it gradually turns into girlfriend boyfriend status. i was just gonna continue as we're doin but my friend keeps buggin me to ask her before it's too late. so uh yeah. i'm 20 if that makes any difference.

also what are people's views on distance relationships? i'm movin an hour away for school soon, i guess not really that much distance, but enough to make it difficult. she works a lot and goes to school too. i know people make it work, but some people think it's better to be available at school where i'm livin. on the other hand i'm still livin at home a lot if you consider winter and summer breaks. any help is appreciated. thanks.

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if you are not ready to date or be in a relationship, you should not let your friends pressure you into doing something you might regreat. If you feel comfortable with just dating this girl, then just keep in that way til you know when the time is right to make her your girlfriend. Get to know her a little more. You might end up liking her a lot or you might find out things about her that might turn you off. DO NOT RUSH

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