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Doing this instead of contacting him...

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It has been almost a year we have been through, I tried to contact him but it went unanswered. I am just having a funky night...I am thining of him a lot and wanted to email him this....but I wont..I will leave it here instead.


Dear R,

It's been almost a year, I still love and miss you. I have finally given up on any kind of hope of us, but it doesnt make me stop loving you. A year...it's been a year and I still miss you.



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Hello aday,


I remember you! It has been a year today for me. I am sadly reliving the break-up but know I will perservere. Do not send the e-mail. I tried reaching out about 2 months ago after seeing my ex out for the first time since breaking up (she cried the entire time) and never received a response. Save yourself the heartache. Good for you for posting here! Keep it up and lets move on!

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I know how you feel...

It's been over a year for me...I have moved to a new city, got a great job and made new friends...but I still miss him...

I don't know if it is because I am lonely here, never really met someone with deep connection since... he left me for someone else (although he denied that the last time we saw each other) but he had been moving on with his life for sure.

Sometimes I am not sure if I had truly moved on even though I tried to do a lot of things during this time, but from time to time, the past thoughts still haunts me...

wish all of us can find our way...

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Makes me feel better it's normal to still miss them and be hurting after awhile. It's been a few months for me and some days it feels like it just happened yesterday.


I have a feeling no matter who I end up with later, no matter how nice and how good they treat me, I'll always wish I ended up with "him".

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Hi hun - nice to hear from you but I am sorry you are having a bit of a down time at the moment.


The good news is that you had the common sense to post on here instead of trying to contact him - good for you girlie.


Keep your head up and keep smiling if you can - better times are around the corner.



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