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how do i tell him?


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ok so i went to a party a couple of days ago. i was comfortable because it was my cousins house so i drank a lot. (please, i know i made a mistake, no lectures). i cheated on my boyfriend. i really like my boyfriend and maybe even love him. hes on vacation and just recently told me that he was in love with me. i would have never done that if i hadnt drank so much alcohol. it meant nothing to me and ill never see the guy again. should i even tell him? i mean, would you want to know if the girl youre in love with cheated on you? thanks to those who respond.

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I'm sure this is a really tough decision and you must feel pretty bad about it. You have to ask yourself though, could you really live a lie? As in would you really be able to continue acting "normal" with him, like it never happened? Imagine always being afraid he might find out from someone other than you (which could also happen!)


It isn't really an issue of "Would you want to be told" if you were him, it's more of an issue of what's right. Just tell him what you told us -- that you are truly sorry, really regret it, and are falling in love with him. Then give him some space. If you come clean asap, you have a better chance of being forgiven. The longer you sit on it, the more untrustworthy you become.


Come clean.

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It won't be the same, but relationships are always changing. It's impossible to keep things "the same" always... fights come up, argumennts happen, mistakes are made.


If it ends, it ends. You move on and learn a lesson about responsibility and alcohol and vow to never let it happen again. At least if it does end you will know you did the right thing.


Also relationship karma is a beotch, don't F with it.

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Tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


My exhusband cheated on me and decieved me, and THAT is why he is my ex. It's the deception.


Your boyfriend WILL find out, believe me. It may not be this week, or this month, or this year, but, trust me hon, he will. And it WON'T be the fact that you cheated on him that bothers him so much as it will the DECEPTION. Trust me on that.


Explain to him what happened.


It'll be okay.


The truth will set you free.



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it'll drive you insane and you will act so different around your bf that he will know whats up. So its best to be fully honest before he finds out another way. Start it out in a positive tone, that you love and care for him etc, but out of being a foolish teen explain how you got drunk and how you cheated on him. Truth hurts, but its better than being lied to, if he truly loves you and wants to work this out, then who knows. But don't ever hide something like this. I know its hard, but you can do it.


But some people believe in the sober truth.

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You made a terrible mistake. Don't continue it by betraying him more. The fact that my wife of all those years had sex with some guy didn't hurt half as bad as the lies and betrayal. Think long and hard on this before you say anything to him. Be prepared for what may happen. I don't think anybody ever gets that drunk. You let it go that far for some reason and you need to figure that out first. He will want to know and "I was drunk" will not work on him.



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