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My weekend rant/vent. Angry drunks.


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I touched a little on this in the "what r u thinking" thread.


Last night was league night with my volleyball team. We play every Sunday. During the day the rest of my team played in a tournament, which was hosted by a Pub. As it was hosted by a pub there was a fair amount of drinking taking place. So when they go to the game most of them were sufficiently hammered.


I don't neccessarily have a problem with drinking; to each their own. It is the behaviour that followed I have a problem with.


The first game went fairly well. One of the drunk players was annoying with his lame jokes, but that's all they were, lame jokes. It was the second game things took a turn for the worse.


One of the players decided he didn't like the annoying drunk anymore, and started yelling at him and acting like he wanted to fight him. The angry drunk would nastily criticize his wife whenever she made an error. And the annoying drunk continued to mock the other team, this time in a very *unsportsman like manner.


*The team we were playing against were a rival of sort. We know one of the players. Annoying drunk was making personal insults towards said player. He was also making comments about how we should be beating them as they were the "friendless" individuals team.


I'm not going to end my frienship with these people. I am just so dissappointed in these two individuals. You can only blame so much on the alcohol, but personal responsibility trumps all.


And people wonder why I stay dry at social events....


**We lost the second game. And I do blame the two drunk players. Making it incredibly uncomfortable and uneasy on the court. embarrassing too.

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