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How do you tell if a chick is turned on?


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Well, title sorta explains it, and no, she isn't/won't be naked we aren't that far yet


fully clothed anyone got any info cuz im sorta.. wondering, she's older than me

Any tips aswell

+i didnt reall know where to ask

Thanks in advance


Edit: PS she is pretty open and i can pretty much get around her whole body with my hands, while we making out

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Sometimes if she is really really turned on you can feel heat and or dampness even through jeans.


i was sitting down on a seat and she walked up over my leg (she was in skinnies), only for a few seconds, and when she left my leg was hot, dunno if it was sweat but we were getting quite into making out


She is 20 and been with an ex for 3 years, who is extremely clingy, to the extent of possesive, no friends she can see, i seen bruises etc.

it * * * * ing kills me i can't do anything


she isn't a virgin, been in 3somes and stuff but i really love her

she hasnt been with him for a few months


i'm a virgin, and she said she'd wait till i was ready, and i can even go to schoolies

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...What are you waiting for?!?!




i am being dead serious when i say he is homicidal control freak, he thinks he like, owns her


unless she likes inflicting pain on herself and just plays me, but if she is, i'd give her 10/10 for effort lol


we aren't technically going out

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