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I’ve been seeing a girl, romantically, for about a month. We have lots of fun together and really like each other.


Here lies the problem...we would both like to see potential for more than just going out and having fun (ie we’d like to see potential for a slightly more committed thing), but she has just graduated and is looking for work in a really competitive field which means she has little choice but to apply for jobs all over the country. I have little faith in the idea of a LDR so if she moved away that would be the end of the road for whatever we have, but every time I see her I find myself liking her a little bit more. It could take a while for her to have a more definite idea of her situation, and in that while I suspect I will continue to grow to like her but I don’t what to end up in a situation where I REALLY like her and she ends up going away.



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Don't make any decisions until you know what you're dealing with - it may be OK in any case. If it isn't, worrying now won't make it any easier. I can see very clearly what you're saying about the fear of losing someone you're really keen on, but in real life things aren't usually that clear cut, and if the feelings are there you can usually find a way through.


Live for the moment and enjoy!

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