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Am I getting the wrong signals?


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So a friend that I met sr year of high school is home for the summer and ever since about mid-july we have been talking non-stop. I've always kind of had a crush on her but never really did anything about it. Well last Monday I took her to a baseball game and paid about $150 for behind home plate seats, I never flat out told her I paid for them, she just assumed I got them from somebody. Well after the game she was talking about how she "feels like a high roller" because she's never sat so close and we parked in the parking garage, which she's also never done. Well she didn't talk to me for the rest of the week.


A friend of mine talked to her a day or so after the game and he asked how the game went. And she was saying how it was so much fun and she felt like royalty the way she was treated.


Saturday morning at around 1am I missed her call and she left a voicemail saying how she missed me and "it seems like we haven't talked in ages" ofcourse my first thought is how drunk is she. Well she says she wasn't.


This comes to my question, I just want to know if it seems like she has feelings for me or not? She hasn't really had many boyfriends mainly because she's 6'2 and im guessing most guys are intimidated by that (im 6'3). But I also haven't had many girlfriends. She leaves to go back to school Aug 21st and I just want to know what it seems like to others. Seems like she likes me, or just friends?

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Well I don't think any of us will have the answer for you....but her.


So what I would do, since you have absolutely nothing to lose...Is take her on one last "outing" and set it up so you will get some alone time with her. Then, straight up tell her, don't ask, tell her how much you like her. Tell her that you enjoy spending time with her. Tell her from the heart. That way, if she says yes, you can work things out from there. But if she says no, your not going to see her for a very long time again, and you could always repair things over instant messaging/phone calls.


Lastly, drunk or not, she was obviously thinking of you when she texted you. Take that as a safe/good sign.

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