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Umm...need some more advice. Self-conscious boyfriend

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Okay, my bf and I have recently been engaging in oral sex. And he admitted that he hasn't been enjoying himself becuase he is self conscious about his "size" and he shouldn't be! He is very well endowed, and i told him that, but he is still worried about it, and nothing i can say will convince him. what can i/we do to help this?

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May I ask how big is your boyfriends ol' johnson when erect? Anyway his insecurities about his size could stem from a number of things. Maybe he's been in the locker room and all the other guys had even BIGGER penises then him making him think he's less then average.


Or maybe he's watched too many porno's and all the dudes in porno's are required to have huge Shlongs. Maybe a former girlfriend made fun of his weener and he took it hard. The only thing you can do is just reassure him that it's BIG. After some time he'll accept it with your positive reinforcement.

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We all have insecurities; this is part of being human. Only reassurance and understanding will help you both over come this. You just started having oral sex? I'm guessing your both young. The body changes a lot too as you get older, these things have a way of working it's self out.


The average guy is only 5" roughly when erect. And that's a grown man, so there isn't really this big stigma that people think.

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