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What do or don't I do to help ?


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I have recently found out that my fella was sexually abused as a boy, he doesnt know i know, but I am so desperate to help him, and to let him know that I will always be here for him.


My problem is I dont know what to do or say that will make him feel easier or help him in any way. What I dont want to do is make matters worse, or make him feel bad.


someone please tell me what to do .

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I agree with Metrogirl this is a very hard subject for him and he may not be ready to share. You can show your love and let him know that your there for him but till he is ready to talk about it I wouldn't bring it up. He will tell you when he is ready.

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Personallly I wouldn't talk about it to him unless he speaks on it first. He might feel like you are intruding.

Thanks for your reply, I think I came up with the same thing, I would never broach it until he tells me about it, but the need to let him know I am there for him is so intence.


I have just decided to keep on showing him how much I care and that I will always be there for him.

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That lat message was for everyone that replied by the way.


As for the why someone would tell me, Well I have no clue what their reason was, but I hope its because they think I can be of help. I do agree though it wasn't their place to tell me.

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