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Hangover Symptoms/ Organic Food

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Thursday night my girlfriend went over to a friends house for dinner. This friend of her's is on this all organic kick right now, and the food she made was "Detox food."


She said that this would "Clean out the system." And she told my girlfriend that she would feel better the next day then she felt in years. Well, the next day she suffered all day at work with what felt like a really bad hangover. And since then she hasn't had any energy at all.


Anyone else ever heard of this?

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Her body could be in a state of shock if it's never been exposed to that type of food. Especially if she's used to fast foods or meals with high fats and sodium.

I don't necessarily eat 'detox food' but I do eat some organic foods and have never experienced this problem. She should feel better soon once she's back on her normal diet.

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Gosh, I hope she feels better soon!


I think the other posters could be right, that her body adjusted poorly to "new" food. From how it sounds, though, it wasn't anything too weird that she ate, but her body may not be used to that combination of foods/nutrients, even if she normally eats healthily.


The other thing I wondered is the possibility that whatever she ate might have been tainted with something -- bacteria like listeria, e-coli, something like that. There's been a lot in the news about people contracting e-coli from things like spinach, spring mix, green onions, stuff like that. Even "healthy" foods can have these bacteria on them.


If she still feels bad in a day or two, she should probably see a doctor; vegetables, greens, whole grains, etc. are supposed to make people feel better, not worse. Hopefully, she's drinking a lot of fluids.

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