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Mixed signals?


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Ok, this girl, i've known her a while, she goes to my college and all that, anyway I always thought she was attractive so I decided I wanted to get to know her. I usually spend at least some of my free time at college with her / the group she hangs with and she always speaks to me on messenger if were both on after college


Anyway, I have noticed a few times her smiling at me / looking at me, and while we chat over the internet she has brought up like 3-4 times the easter ball, and if I have anyone to go with (which I don't), and how she doesnt etc etc. I don't know, is she trying to hint at me to ask her?


However, she a week or so ago said something along the lines of 'yeah im doing nothing.......' which added with the previous bits of the conversation seemed to imply...lets do something. At which she said something along the lines of 'don't read 2 much into things'. I took this as a backing off? Now i'm ever so confused.


She seems to be laughing/smiling etc when i'm around and has said she thinks i'm funny also, and we have dicussed like relationships and things.

Anyway, is she interested or just causally being flirty?


Last of all, I have her mob #, she doesn't know I have it as I got it from a friend ages ago because I needed some help with work but never rang it. I'm going out 2moro, thought maybe I should ask if she wants to come with me town etc etc...does it matter that she didnt give me her number?



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Hmm, she may be interested in you as a close friend and not as a romantic interest, but that's something that can change if there's potential. Nothing is ever certain though.


If you choose to to ask her out, it wouldn't be a good idea for you to use a number she never gave you. It's a breach of trust and also make her wonder how you got it in the first place.

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