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Ya just take both pills at the same time. Ive done it before, and that is what you are suppose to do. Ive actually forgot 2 days in a row, so dont feel bad.



....i got to ask, is it really true thatyou can become pregnant by missing a day? I never knew that, I guess I should pay more attention.

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It's true that the Pill is an effective method of birth control when used properly, however, the only 100 percent foolproof method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy is abstinence.


Contraceptives must be used regularly and according to instructions to achieve maximum effectiveness. If you use oral contraceptives and forget to take just one birth control pill, you are increasing your risk of becoming pregnant.



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Bear in mind that NO method of birth control prevents pregnancy all of the time. Birth control methods can fail. But you can greatly increase a method's success rate by using it correctly all of the time. The only way to be sure you never get pregnant is to not have sex (abstinence).


Male condoms are 86 to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy.


So, you're still at risk.


One must understand the difference between method failure and user failure. Method failure refers to failure that results from a defect in the product. User failure refers to failure that results from incorrect or inconsistent use.


Be safe.



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There is no birth control method that gives 100% guarantee that you wont get pregnant,even if you dont miss a pill you can still get pregnant in some exraordinary cases. The safest is to use more methods at once, like using the pill and condom at the same time. Then you have almost zero chance of getting pregnant and you also dont have a chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Ik advis you to use a condom besides your pill,at least for the rest of this cycle. Youll be ok,something really weird would have to happen if you still get preganant then

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