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I dont like my friends b/f


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i have a friend...who i bin friends with for 7 years now.

She has b/f that already has kids no job. Not doin much with his life. Seems be KINDA bossy to my girl.and dosnt really treat her good.


When i met him for the 1st time...i tryed gettin to kno him.i asked him questions blah blah blah. He dosnt really say much.he always seems to have a snobby attitude...like hes better then every body which i secretly...hate


the last guy she was with i liked hims. He treated her good.

Atleast he tryed to connect with pplz and try's to get to kno her friends.i didnt feel left out cuz i can always have fun with the both of them. But of coures she screwed that up. And now she wants to get back with him. And miss's him which i'm trying to make happen. Becuz she dosnt seem happy with this dude.


She dosnt what to do....???and confused



but now that shes with this dude. I feel kinda like the 3rd wheel.

Left out sum tymes


today is her b-day her family is goin to be ther her cuzin is comein up from florida.and hes goin to be ther. Which i kinda wish he wasnt.becuz he dosnt wanna get to kno anybody.so i hope he leaves so i can atleast spend sum time alone with her.

I came to her birthday. I came mad far to see her.




What do u think?

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are you sure your not making her feel obliged to get back with her ex? friends can be a major influence on your life sometimes... especially when your young.


think... there must be some reason why your friend likes this guy.


good luck

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