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Annoying kids


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I've been living with my cousin. While I'm here, I tutor his kid in English and Math (I don't live in the United States).


Problem is the kid's a slacker much like his dad was when he was that age. I'll tell him how to do a math problem; I go through it step by step and he understands it, but he'll insist he can't do the next one which is exactly like it. Today we did problems involving converting units. First problem was to find how many hours in 2 days, which he understood. Second problem was to find how many hours in 6 days, which he claimed he couldn't do. He wants the easy answer to everything. Same for English.


The other times he just gets on my nerves by fooling around with his dad's or my stuff even though I've told him not to.


Should also add that the kid complains about having to eat almost anything.


I tell my cousin to take the stick to him, but he won't do it.


Any suggestions?

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Stop tutoring him.


If tutoring the child is your way of paying board to live at your cousins, move out.


The child is like that because it's been raised to be. The parent isn't interested in correcting him.



Though good on the dad for not beating the child - brutality just makes people brutal.


i disagree, my dad was beated to high heaven and hes proberly the softest person i know

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I was beaten when I was a kid, and I turned out right.


I beat the daylights out of my students, when I was a martial arts teacher, and they thanked me for it later.


I told my cousin it's okay to take out the stick once in a while. I'm making it clear that I'm only helping him out because he's family and if he keeps the attitude up, I'd be more than glad to pay for another tutor. I think the kid will grow out of it eventually. Like I said, his dad was a slacker when he was that age, but eventually got it together.

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How old is the child???? I have a child that is severely ADHD plus he has other disabilities one of them being sensory. These children very often require assistance in English and Math. My son is in grd 6 but he can only write at a grade 2 level and his spelling is a grade 1 level. He needs help with certain aspects of math as well. He is NO WAY LAZY. They are NOT lazy OR stupid kids. They have different brains and they can not stop the movement or what you call "fooling " around. My son can not learn to spell because he has a memory disability which impedes his ability to remember how to spell the word. Very often sensory issue child will refuse to eat foods my son is the same. They find it too over stimulating, the texture or the flavour. They should NEVER be beaten, ever because they do not have the ability to learn the same way we do. They learn differently. My son is very eloquant and has unparallelled conprehension. He has a university comprehension he just can not put it on paper.Many many jails are filled with ADHD people..about 50% of inmates are ADHD and why???? Because some person in their life beat them, could not teach them and had no patience. Stop tutoring the child if you can not teach him and only feel aggression for him.

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He's family. I don't feel aggression for him.


Just for clarification, I'm teaching him English as a Second Language. I am from Taiwan, but was educated in America, and am visiting the family for the time being.


I don't know his family history. ADHD runs in families, but we don't have a family history of it. My aunt told me that my cousin (his dad) was also a slacker when he was 10 years old, but my cousin eventually got his act together.


I do see a bit of a discipline problem, since his dad works long hours and his mom just doesn't do anything. He fools around because he knows he can get away with it. I don't want to either, because I get my authority in discipline from his parents and I'd be overstepping my bounds as a younger relative and as a teacher. I see it also as a bad choice in friends. My nephew's friend, who came over today, seems to like to take the piss out of people since he knows he won't be punished.


He will mess around when he's made to do homework, but he will sit on his butt all afternoon and watch cartoons and not move a muscle except to open a bag of chips.

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omg this kid i'm guesin dosnt have chores....?

His parent needto disapline this kid seriously. A good smack in thehead would work. I got the stick.... And i came out fine. Bascilystop teachin him


I recommended sending him to either military school or Catholic school, seeing as his dad is a farily devout Roman Catholic after all. I hear they have thicker yardsticks, (of course in my country we have meters).

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i recommended sending him to either military school or catholic school, seeing as his dad is a farily devout roman catholic after all. I hear they have thicker yardsticks, (of course in my country we have meters).


good send that lil sh*t ther he needs it....

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