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Really confused and heartbroken !


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This is my first post on here. I was with my partner for 2 years it was a LDR but we had a great relationship, got engaged February 2008, met each others families everything going well. He is away from me working in a hotel and I went to see him there in June. Things not good because we didnt have much time to spend together so few arguments. Came home and he was really distant. Then he admitted to cheating on me. States only once. Loved me etc didnt want to lose me, never met anyone like me. Very remorseful. Agreed to give it another go but I felt he remained distant. Things came to a head last week. We were talking, I was upset and then he said "Ok you will never come here again I will never come there again you will have a nice life and I will have a nice life". I said is that what you want ? after sometime he said yes. So I said we will never see each other again then? Then he started to laugh saying its a joke darling, Im joking and then started normal conversation. I havent heard from him since. I did no contact for 3 days. Then sent an e mail and text. Heard nothing. Its now been 7 days since we spoke. He came on msn last night but then quickly appeared offline. I just dont understand why he couldnt be honest with me and we could have closure on this. Im distraught we had our life planned, were looking at wedding venues in June !!. Ive decided NC is the best thing for me but just cant seem to understand how his personality could change so much and how he could hate me so much to treat me like this. Any comments on my story would be greatly appreciated. I cant stop crying and Im having a hard time managing at work because I feel so sad Molly x

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Hey Molly, my heart goes out for you. Know that you're not alone. I too was cheated on, but if it's of any consolation I was cheated on numerous times and with multiple partners... one of them her cousin.


He doesn't hate you, and I doubt that he has any real feelings for you now, so you should take that as a hint to try and move on. I know it sounds harsh, but it's for the best. You don't want to put up with his cheating ways do you? To constantly doubt if he goes out and comes home late...


Long distance relationships are hard and seldom workout because very often another person can easily come between the two that are in love. Which is what's happened here... I'm sorry you had to go through this...


You deserve so much better, and I'm sure your friends and family will say the same, because it's the truth!


Sending you lots of love... I'll be praying for you to heal, and please try and move on. It took me a while to realize I could be happy without mine...

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it must be really hard for you living in those uncertainties,im sure there are a lot of questions for which you want answer straight from him.But i guess the best way is to seek the answers in silence, be calm and try to analyze the situation coz i feel the same way as kahdeksan..he has no real feelings for you...hard to accept as it seems but you'll get better and you do deserve a better one(",)

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I'm sorry Molly, I feel for you


I just broke up with the love of my life for different reasons, so I can feel your pain i'm hurting myself. The bad news for you is he cheated on you and then confessed to so he could feel less guilty. Cheating is the one thing in my world that is never acceptable .....no matter what. It's always been grounds for termination.


You would never really trust this guy again. And it also sounded in your conversation with him he was toying with you and playing very mean head games with you. Sounds very hurtful and imature if you ask me. I would try and move on if it were me.


Here are a few good songs to listen to .......you'll cry but they will make you heal.


Hang in there ....this sounds like this is not the guy for you ....6 billion people out there ... go find yours ......

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