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No... you should wait for time after both of your schedules have cleared... maybe during the 4th of July, Thankgiving, something like that when he can visit you and meet your family. Don't go to him. The 4th may be better because it is an informal holiday... in other words friends/boyfriends that you have not met will probably feel more comfortable. If his intensions are good... he will be Ok with this. If not, you won't be out of some bucks for travel for a guy who does not think enough of you to handle things the right way.



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Welcome to enotalone!


I do agree with klove66 about you waiting until the right time to meet. If your parents are very strict, then...things would only get VERY complicated. Trust me, I live with very complicated and strict parents(more dad than mom). So, if he is really serious about all of this, and really cares about you..then he will wait a lil' bit longer to get to meet you. I know it's very hard to be 100% sure what his intensions are, since you havent met face to face yet, but if you have strong feelings, and are sure you want to meet him, than do it. Sometimes we have to take chances to be happy.


Wish you the best, and keep us posted!



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