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Braces for a middle aged adult? (invisalign)

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I'm thinking about braces and visited a local orthodontist to learn about some options. I'm thinking about invisalign, mainly because they seem less visable.


I found out you have to wear them for 2 years though -- the orthodontist explained it takes longer to straighten teeth in adults because the bone density is more than it is for teenagers. When I went in I was hoping for just 1 year with them on.


She also said that it take some time to get used to speaking with them in, and for long speeches or presentations you might want to take them off.


One of the reasons I'm thinking about braces in the first place is because I have a tooth that affects my bite, and I think my speech to some degree.


I'm curious if other over 35ish adults have gotten these and what you think about them? Any regrets? Would you have gotten the wire kind instead if you had to do it again?


I feel a bit vain getting these... but I think it will improve my smile (it needs work) and my speaking... just not sure I like the idea of wearing these for 2 years (and then night time retainers pretty much for ever after).


Other experiences?



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The time you leave them in depends on how poorly misaligned your teeth are. NOt everyone needs them two years, some might need them a bit more...reason being is that an adult with really misaligned teeth will need a lot more tightening and movement than a teenager.


I know adults with invisalign with good results. I had two teeth that were visible when i smiled that were not as straight as i liked and i went for the shortcut - i had them capped. Cost me about the same as braces...i am very pleased with the results. You can't tell at all they are capped and they look just like the other teeth. This is not an option for everyone obviously.


If you are wondering if it is crazy for an adult to get braces I will tell you "no", it isn't. A lot of adults get them. It's a sign usually that one is now doing okay for themselves and wants to take care of their teeth. Some people didn't have the priveledge when they were young to get them so they do it when they are older and making their own way.



Don't feel vain. Straight teeth is something that really enhances the smile. And I don't think any investment in one's dental work is vanity. It lessens your chance greatly of getting gum disease as you age because misaligned teeth are way harder to keep clean and floss.

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