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I'm horrifically shy & love shy girls.. damn

Sigil Lust

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It sucks because I'm really attracted to shy girls and stuff but I'm shy myself. I tried hitting on this one girl a few months ago but she ran away before I could ask for her number.. and she was such a cute nerd I probably wouldn't have of done it anyway though. But yea.. I keep trying to get over my fear and talk to these girls but I never can. I'm not really that shy once you get to know me, I'm kinda happy going and stuff, but I'm also extremely stupid & goofy if I don't moderate my happiness so I cannot afford to be too happy. It's the same with my sadness as well, I've been suicidal I'd say since third grade but I control that. I have a different personality with different people, with some I'm the "cool quiet guy" with others I'm the "monkey of the group" yeah Ive been called that ha ha. but anyways these different personalities contradict when I'm with different people but if I don't keep them I'll be alone. I'm not really sure what my true self is because i hide a lot of things from everyone. so.. any advice?

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^^ Huh? That didn`t seem helpful.


I think many people have that sense of shifting personalities when amongst different groups. Isn`t that normal? I know I seem like a different person at work than when I am with this group and different again when I am with my bf.


Hell, you sound a lot like my bf actually - very shy, yet very goofy when he`s relaxed! Lots of people don`t like doing this, but we met through online dating - we`re both very shy offline but it was easier for us to talk and meet online!

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I guess it's peer pressure, all my friends are trying to get laid, I'm looking for love


hahha that's because theyre 17 or men in their twenties who are clueless. But when they are young they like to have fun so what's the rush you know. I was young onced

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It sucks because I'm really attracted to shy girls and stuff but I'm shy myself. I tried hitting on this one girl a few months ago but she ran away before I could ask for her number..


I almost don't want to mention this, but I used to think there must be a lot of shy girls around because so many of them kept running away from me before I could even say "hi" to them, much less ask for a number. It was only later on when I finally got clued in that they weren't shy, they were just running away from me because they didn't even want to talk to a guy who was so unattractive.


I assume that's not your situation, though, since you apparently at least got past the point of saying "hi". So, good on you.

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(i´m portuguese, so any mistakes in my english, i'm sorry ;D)

Hey, let me tell you something.

I'm 17 too, and i never had a boyfriend and well, i never kissed a boy. I'm a very shy girl too and when it comes to talking to a guy, specially when i find him cute, i start babling. Seriously.

Or, worst, i blush...

So, i just keep telling to myself, that when the right moment comes, i'm going to know what to do and how to do it.

Now, don't drunk yourself and those guys that just think about get laid... I mean, fu.. them. Ok. Not literally, because i think thats what they want x)


Hope i helped

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Ha don't wait to late man. I use to tell myself that 10yrs ago, now I'm 27yrs old, still never have been on a date, still have never had a g/f, and basically have never even done small time flirtation that even 13yr guys do. I suggest you get to working on it now or else you'll be miserable through your 20's as well.


Agreed. I'm a year younger than you and in your same position. Shyness is horrible, but I'm conquering it with anti-anxiety medication and therapy, and I'm not going to go down without a fight. Even if I have to force myself into every social situation, I'm going to get a girlfriend and have sex in the next few years.

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