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Im not sure waht to make of this situation


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So me and my ex broke up late janurary. before we dated we were absolute best friends and no one ever saw one of us with out the other. i remember there were times when she called me at 2 o clock at night because of troubles at home and we would sneak out and go for hot chocloate or something. and of course whne we started to date we were jut the most perfect couple. it all started falling apart when her grandma died and her other best friends mom died and her parents were getting in fights and things jsut werent working out on top of all that.


so after we broke up we remained to be friends or tried to at least and ended up getting in this huge fight. although we made up we never really talked afte wards. but about a month ago she had to go to ontario for a month to visit her dad and before she left t called her and we talked for a couple hours and i tol dher that i was sorry and she said that she was soryr jsut the same old making amends.


and now she is in manitobah normally live in vancouver) and finally got her cell phone back so we started talkng again. then randomaly she asked how this girl and i that i was seeing were doing and is aid that it last no longer than a couple weeks and everything. and i also told her that i cant seem to date anyone or find anyone since her. and she said that she felt the same way and that through everything that the only person that she can honestly tell her self that she trusts is me. so we talked about how our lives at home werent te easiest for either of us and i said "i feel like i abrely know u any more i wish we were still as clsoe as we used to be" and she said "i get back in a week and when i get back i think it will be more like last summer"


so now i dont know waht to think if shes just wanting to be best rfiends again or if maybe there is something else. one thing that kinda struck me was that she said "when a guy and girl get to be really good friends its almost always because one of them wants something from antoehr even if its small as one thinking that the other is good looking" well for starters im not the best looking guy around haha. but she is. and what went through my head when she said that was if she thuoght i was wanting to be friends with her because i want to date her again or if i thought she was good looking wouldn;t she distance her self from me rather than making lpans with me for when she gets back a week alter? she told me that she couldnt ever trust another guy or anyone else at that matter unless they were like me and thats pretty much only me. ever since i known her she always emphasized trust more than anything and her telling me that she trusts me so much makes me not able to get her out of my head.


so am i jsut in over my head or whats going on?? any insight is greatly appreciated

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note taken


Much easier to read now


I concur with the other poster. While i wont promise you anything, it seems like there is more than friendship in the air. When you get together, try to show just a little romantic interest in her, just to let her know that you are not just being friendly with her.

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ok so we have been hanging out some more and i still liek her sooo much. I dont knwo what to do though. we haven't talked about going out or anything but we are good friends and stuff and she is always telling me about how all these other guys are bad to her and waht not. shoud i just straight up talk to her about how i feel and see what she says? and also if things go bad i dont knwo what i would do. ive been worknig on getting over her for the last 7 months but as soon as we are friends again all my feelings for her are back as if they never left

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