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How can I regain her trust and respect?


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Ok, this may be a bit of a long story so please bare with me....

I love my ex very much, have done for a long time but at the start of the relationship I found it hard to stop flirting on the net with girls. It was not because of anything my ex did or didnt do. I was kind of addicted to it and must have been very insecure. Anyway she found out and forgave me but its gradually upset her more and more. She had an eating disorder because of it. Finally after months of it eating away at her she dumped me. I would never do anything like that again and other than me doing that everything else seemed perfect between us. She feels she cant trust me anymore and also lost respect for me. I understand totally how she feels and why as I feel the same about myself after doing it.

A week before we split up she asked for space for a week to think about things. Of course I decided it would be a good idea to message her all week telling her I love her and would never hurt her again and why we shouldnt split up etc. This did not work and we split up. For a week after that I still thought messaging her loads would help matters.

For the last week I havent messaged her but is it to late now for no contact to work? She did text me after a few days asking how I am and today she asked if id like to meet up with her before she moves away.

Id like to move with her. Should I mention this or just be casual and not talk about the relationship? I feel a little rushed as she is moving away in a few weeks which will make it harder to reconcile our relationship.

Any suggestions or advice will be appriciated thanks.

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How can your mistake "make" her have an eating disorder? I don't agree with that, but anyway, to answer your question, do NOT mention moving in together. What your relationship needs now is time to heal and I know it's tough because she's moving away but if you try to force it, you're dooming it to failure.

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Because I flirted with other girls she felt she wasnt good enough and started trying to lose weight even though she was really slim already.

Because shes moving away i feel more of an urgency to make a move as once she has moved away it will be easier for her to forget about me and make a new life without me.

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