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Ok so I'm only with my girfriend for another week or so until we head off our separate ways. But we've had sex a few times now and it's been good, just not great. I haven't lasted as long as I've wanted to and then one night we did it once and then wanted to do it again but it just wouldn't get hard enough. I think the problem with it not getting hard comes from how my girlfriend really doesn't touch my penis that much. She's never given me a handjob or even really stroked it much. So before sex and stuff it gets hard from just constant rubbing up on her. That only stimulates one half of my penis. I feel bad asking her or forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do so I just want to know what I can do.

I need to find the balance to be able to get it very hard and last a long time. Like would you suggest masturbating the day of? Idk I just want to hear your guys' advice of how I can have the best sex possible until we leave.

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I have an assortment of advice. First, use your creativity. For many people, sex is as simple as P + V. There is so much more to it! I'm not going to give concrete examples, but often it's as simple as lighting a candle or two. Remember in the actual act to accentuate all aspects of intercourse. Sometimes it's good to get lost in the moment and, sometimes, it's good to move with purpose. Due to the significance of this coming interlude, I'd say that your situation falls under the latter.


When I say to think outside the box, I mean it quite literally. Do not constrain yourself to the bedroom. The world is round and yet is littered with surfaces!


Above all else, talk to her. You don't have to be crude or relentless or overly direct. Talk with elegance and interest. That will get your farther than any of us on this message board.

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